Top Tuesday: Things I do when I’m not blogging!

This was supposed to go up yesterday but I never got a chance to get online… Whoops! So this really isn’t that book related but I’ve been super caught up in finalizing everything for where I’m going to school next year, moving, and tons of other stuff. So if some of my post feel like I haven’t been putting in as much effort as I used to or like my posts are on auto pilot, you’re not the only one, just don’t quit on me now. By the middle of august everything should be fine as soon as school starts back up and I’m back to my normal schedule.

  1. Moving
    My family decided to move this summer into a condo, which is really cool. But that also requires packing. And if you know me I like to do things as ahead of time as I can.
  2. Painting
    Probably not the greatest artist in the world but I got into the mood to paint the other night and everyday since that’s pretty much one of the only things I’ve been doing. I’ll admit, I’m doing a lot better than I thought I would.
  3. Reading
    I’ve been so caught up in trying to keep a consistent sleep schedule that I no longer late night binge read, so sadly I’m not going as fast as I should. But coming up is the BTAT and I WILL be completing the challenges this year so I’m not too worried on the reading front.
  4. Cleaning
    As I just mentioned we’re moving. But that also means that we have to sell our old house… while we are still living in it. Let me just say, keeping everything clean 24/7 to pack up all five animals at the drop of a pin is hard work!Can’t wait to be moving into the new house hopefully by august 10th!
  5. Being the fill in mom
    My mom is in New York for a week(hoping she brings me back a mug!) so until she gets back I’m in charge of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the animals, and washing clothes. I do most of this stuff anyway but it’s still becoming a little stressful trying to remember everything I need to do in the day.

Like I said, life has been a little jammed packed lately. Once everything dies down near the beginning of the school year I should be back to normal. But until then just stay with me! I think the week I’m officially moving I won’t post anything but maybe one post just so I can unpack everything and have a week to get my life together.

What have you been doing lately? What are you currently reading? Any new suggestions for books for me to read? Do you paint? Any tips for beginners who havent painted anything since 6th grade?


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