Top Tuesday: Favorite Way to Organize My Shelves!

     Today I’ll be talking about my favorite ways I see people organize their shelves. Since I’m moving soon I might as well figure out what way I want to organize them lol.

  1. Rainbow – I love seeing books in rainbow order because it’s just so satisfying everything slowly turning into the next color. But alas, I don’t actually have enough vividly colored books to do this ☹️(it’s also funny because I still have here bookshelves of books 😂)
  2. Hardcover/Softover – I’ve never done this just because it bothers me slightly and I still don’t know why, but you organize them by their cover, it just always seems that when people do this they try to “shame” or “put down” paperbacks. In my opinion paperbacks are just as good as hardcover, it’s not about one being better than the other, it’s about preference.
  3. Author – Some just organize their books by authors. So regardless of the genre, it’s all about who wrote it. Now some people have to do this already because an author has written so much that it takes up a whole shelf (cough Cassandra Clare cough), but not all the authors get a whole shelf to themselves.
  4. Favorite to least favorite – The first time I organized my shelf when I didn’t read a lot I would put my favorite books at the top of the shelf and least favorite at the bottom. I will say that if you are able to discern which books are better than others then I should give you an award, because honestly I can’t ever pick a favorite anymore.
  5. Genre – A pretty common way to organize your shelves are by genre. I currently kinda do this by each shelf having a certain theme but it doesn’t always work out.
  6. Making each Subcategory its own rainbow- long story short you’re making a double rainbow *que the gif* all on your shelf. I’ve never been able to do this because again, not enough books from each genre for each color. But I’ve seen this done and is just as appealing as the one big rainbow.
  7. Tetris by subcategory – this is how my shelfs are currently because this the photo he way you are able to fit the most books onto one shelf, but like Tetris, there are ones laying down, there are ones on top of this, there are some facing outwards in a stack of five. It’s all about making all the books from one category fit.

      So now that I’ve revealed all my secrets to how I’ve organized my shelves(or tried to) I’m probably going to end up doing the Tetris method when I get to moving because let’s be honest, I don’t have any more space for a new shelf. Also just a side note: I’m not saying that you have to organize your shelves this way or that these are the only way to organize them, I’m just talking about my favorite ways I’ve seen a shelf get organized. If you liked this post make sure to follow me to see more where this came from!

     What ways do you organize your shelf? Would you ever try the rainbow method? What’s the weirdest way you’ve seen a bookshelf get organized?


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