June Haul 2017

Hey! This blog has lived to see two hauls!!! If you know me two months is a substantial amount of time for me to put effort into something(besides wanting a corgi, that’s been going on for three years). As always, below are the books that I bought this month along with a quick synopsis and a link to its amazon page.

  1. Three Dark Crowns By Kendare Blake
    Three triplets, each harness a different power, and each and heir to the throne. The moment they turn sixteen the fight for the crown begins. I was walking through target (as every basic person does after getting Starbucks) and happen to peruse down the book section(it somehow happens every time I walk in a store) and accidentally walked out the store with it. I’m not proud of my book buying issues but hey, at least I only got one book this time.Order Herethree dark crowns
  2. Winger By Andrew Smith
    Book one of two in the Winger series, Ryan Dean West is a junior at a boarding school for the rich, follow him as he deals with love, life, and rugby. It was about half-way through the month when I stopped by my local half-priced bookstore after lunch and picked this book up. I’ve been trying to catch up with some of the older books on my reading list that way they can stop staring me down on my “want to read list”. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ve at least read most of these books. Order Heresmith_winger_front1
  3. Fire With Fire By Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
    Book two in the Burn for Burn trilogy. And if you’re wondering, no, I haven’t read Burn for Burn yet but I plan on reading it as soon as I get ahold of the final book Ashes to Ashes. When it comes to series I prefer to marathon them so that way I don’t have to stop and get distracted and forget anything. I picked this up at my local half-priced bookstore near the end of the month, I’m excited to get the last book and read the series. Order Here710LMKnsgTL

If you liked this post and want to see more where it came from, make sure to follow me. Let me know if  you’ve read any of these books before. What did you think of them(NO SPOILERS PLEASE)? What are books did you pick up in June? Any suggestions of what to pick up next?


May 2017 Book Haul

IMG_0029Today is the day that I look back on the month to see how much money I spent on my obsession. Below are the Books I purchased at some point through out this month. I also added a link to amazon to order them if you want.

  1. A Court Of Wings And Ruin By Sarah J. Maas

So I pre-ordered this book about a month before it came out, I had high hopes for it, and even though it didn’t live up to the second book, it was still a four star read. Feyre, now high lady of the night court, she must hide within the spring court deceiving Tamlin to win the war. While navigating said war, she must decide what really matters to her, and who to trust. Order Here

  1. Lord of Shadows By Cassandra Clare

This book was a pre-order as well, but at the time I’m making this post I haven’t read it. Let’s just say I’m excited to see where Cassandra Clare takes this storyline… as long as there are no deaths(cough her specialty cough). I have so many theories about what is going to happen, but I’m not going to say anything in case of spoilers. Order Here

  1. Burn For Burn By Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Okay, so I’m very well aware of the fact that this is by no means a “new release”. This book has been sitting on my tbr for so long, that when I saw it at my local half price book shop I knew that I needed to get it while I could before I never got around to it. I know thats probably not a good excuse to buy a book, but honestly, tell me one person who would pass up a brand new, half priced hard cover! Kat, Lillia, and Mary all want the same thing, revenge. But in order to do just that, they need to work together. Order Here

  1. In The After Light By Alexandra Bracken

Just like Burn For Burn, I bought this because I read the first two books in the series but never got around to reading the third. So, after seeing it being half off, I decided it was now or never and bought it. Im planning on rereading the first two books in the series before reading the third, but I know that this probably isn’t going to happen right away. Order Here