Everybody Sees the Ants By A.S. King Review NO SPOILERS

51TI-V+HnyL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_     I gave Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King a 5/5 stars on Goodreads. It was one of my favorite reads of this year and I totally didn’t expect that going into it. This was the first book I completed during the Book-Tube-A-Thon, it was a short book and really set the mood for the rest of the week. Also I know there has been a lot of reviews this month(and there will be more considering I decided to take part in a 7 day reading marathon) but trust me, I’m totally out of my reading slump! So feel free to recommend any books you think I should read.

     A.S. King books should have a warning label on it saying “Super Real and Fast Paced” because thats how I’ve felt about her last book I read as well(Reality Boy). This book follows Lucky Linderman during the summer between 9th and 10th. He’s been bullied since he was little and it has affected his everyday life. Now he has taken a vacation to his aunts and uncles house to get away from it. 

     I don’t want to go too much into it so that way I can keep it spoiler free, but I really recommend everyone read this book if given the chance. It wasn’t one of those “the girl fixes everything” stories. Most of the book is hearing his inner monlogue (which never actually gets boring unlike other books) and how what is going on around him and in his dreams that affect how he starts to see things differently, It really makes you think.

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In the Afterlight By Alexandra Bracken Review SPOILERS

download     I gave In the Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken a 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It was a great ending to this series and just gave me the most feels out of all of the books.

Getting to read about how far these kids have come since the first book was so nice. It wasn’t actually until this book that I finally got an idea of how bad these camps were. The first two books always seemed like yeah the camps are bad but we don’t really talk about them all that much. Until we started seeing the videos of the testing and how badly a multitude of these kids were affected was when it really hit me.

The entire time I kept thinking like “oh maybe Clancy has some redeeming qualities and they will be brought out in the end and he’ll help us break into Thurmond”…… NOPE. And as much as it surprised me it was refreshing. Most of the books that we read the “evil villain” or the “morally wrong” character does one or two things that actually helps a lot and it’s a version of their redemption chapter. But the fact that until the very end he is a pain in the butt was actually really nice. And maybe I’m not explaining it the best I can, but it’s like that one character who everyone assumes is that last-minute save character, but never is.

I didn’t give the book a 5/5 stars just because it wasn’t the best book I’ve read(and trust me I’m really picky) but I would say I did have a small debate on whether I should give it a full star rating. Overall I would recommend this series to anyone and I’m so glad I took the time to go back to this series because I never finished it and honestly was bugging me because I knew the series had so much potential.

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Cress by Marissa Meyer Review SPOILERS

Cress_Cover     I gave Cress by Marissa Meyer a 3/5 star rating on Goodreads. I liked this book and is probably the second best book of the series(first is cinder) and was an amazing read. But it wasn’t the best book that I’ve ever read so that’s why it’s not 5/5 sadly.

I liked how Marissa Meyer doesn’t just forget the characters from the first book and how they all come together as a team, but at some point all the POV’s just became too much. There was always too much time in between the characters that every time we started a new chapter it was almost as if I was reintroducing myself to a new world which is why it took so long for me to get through. It’s so much easier for me to follow a dystopian book as long as there aren’t too many different characters for me to follow (que me thinking about the second game of thrones I still haven’t finished even though there is only 100 pages left of it).

I CALLED Sybil coming last-minute the whole time, like of course something would go wrong. I didn’t see Thorne going blind though but I think it was a great addition because it really allowed Cress and Captain Thorne to bond in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if he had his sight.

Iko. Was. So. Funny.  The scene where she got her body was so great and seeing how much human like it made her was even better. Near the end of the book there was that big fight between Sybil and Cinder, when Iko went to stop Wolf and he pulled her off his back by the neck make me cringe so hard. But all was resolved when they were back on the ship and Cinder was fixing her up, that moment when Kai came in and she was screaming like “Don’t look at me… Don’t let him see me like this” has me laughing out loud. Hoping to read Wires and Nerves as soon as I finish the series!

When I got to the part where we met Winter I kept reading her as like an eight year old because she was going a little crazy from not using her magic. And how about the fact that she hasn’t used her magic in twelve years, maybe it’s because she’s seen how Levana is or maybe Levana did something crazy to her and she vowed to no longer use her magic so she would be more willing to help Cinder. Either way I’m so ready to read the next book!

Okay so here are some theories that I have for Winter…

  • Winter helps overthrow Queen Levana
  • Someone dies (Maybe Jacin?)
  • Jacin is Winters love interest
  • Kai and Cinder get married

Here are some questions I have for Winter…

  • How old exactly is Winter(the may have mentioned it but I was so excited that I may not have payed attention)?
  • Will Scarlet get like a really cool bionic finger?
  • If you start using your magic again do you stop being crazy or is it permanent?

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Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken Review SPOILERS

Never-Fade-by-Alexandra-BrackenI gave Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken a 4/5 stars on Goodreads. It got one more star than the previous book because is was a way better read than the first in my opinion. We were able to explore the characters more because we weren’t so worried about the world building as much and got to see the characters change. I’m super excited to continue on with the last book in the series and will hopefully be reading after I finish Cress.

Don’t get me wrong, I understood Rudy’s decision in erasing Liam’s memories but it didn’t make it any more painful every time Alexandra Bracken surprised you with a character coming back and showing how excited Ruby was and not till four paragraphs later you learn it’s not Liam. Way to go with the suspense. But I was super excited when Chubs showed up(still book two and I still envision him a little chubby because of his nickname, PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who has issues wrapping my mind around this lol).

Being able to see Ruby’s shift in mindset after fighting the red from project Jamboree was amazing, she became so confident in her power and was owning it. Even when she took down the fake slip kid it was so badass. And I get her fears on becoming like Chancy, so getting to hear her worries made her character all the more real to me. After all of her (really cool btw) stunts and taking back over the fake camp, it made her more relatable and reminded us that she is still a teenager, not some superhero trying to save the world.

When they got to Liam and he was sick I was just like okay… what length is she going to go to in order to save him. But when she broke into the hanger it was so hard for me to follow the scene, t first it seemed like she got stabbed in the leg but then it was just almost ignored until she got to the tree. Being that I felt that scene would’ve been less confusing I took off a star, it was an action packed scene, but it just could’ve been written so much better and made it something that would’ve kept me gripped to the book.

I still don’t fully understand how Liam got all his memories back, like there was almost as if there wasn’t any trigger to it and then it just happened. I mean I was so excited that he could remember, and it was a bummer that he became super angry with her, but I just didn’t feel like Liam explained it well. Hopefully it will be further explained in the next book, espically after ruby mentioned her parents. I wonder if they remember her?

Honestly, I did’t really care about the fake slip kid, like yeah he treated the kids worse than clancy but he was so much easier to take over his camp than clancys. Other than the Red from Clany’s project there wasn’t anything that memorable about the place. The biggest part of the book for me was near the ending where the building collapsed after all the bombings happenned. I was so caught up in the main group from the first book not dying, that it wasn’t until Jude died that it actully hit me that I loved all the characters from her team.

Last minute thoughts that didn’t hit me until the end of writing this review lol:


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Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman Review SPOILERS

Vegeance Road Cover     I gave Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman a 4/5 star rating on Goodreads when I finished it last night. I bought this book awhile ago and never picked it up because I was too scared that I wouldn’t like it. I don’t tend to go for and wild west/ historical novels like at all so I don’t even know why I bought it besides the actual cover(which is beautiful). I was actually genuinely surprised by how much I liked it. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been reading a lot of  dystopians. But either way it was a great read.

The reason it wasn’t a five star read was because I felt like sometimes the author just killed people to kill people… and yeah I know it was the wild west but it was just overkill it felt like. And the main character who is still a teenager didn’t even feel very bad about killing a couple innocent people, like if that were me then I wouldn’t know how to handle myself. Idk I just felt like there were one or two murders more than need be.

I liked the main character but all she ever worried about most of the time was getting revenge on her dad. Like it became to where it was getting annoying. I was okay with the Colton brothers but they weren’t my favorite guys in a story. Will dying was sad but it wasn’t heartbreaking, and Jesse honestly should’ve been the one to die if the author wanted us to shed a tear or two. I loved mutt and silver though, they were some pretty cool animals, I think I actually freaked out more when Kate lost the first horse than any other moment in the story(including the plot twist)

Other than that I like the story. It was well written and the style of writing actually made you feel like you were with the characters in the west. After reading this book I’m actualy excited for Retribution Rails to come out in November. This story changed my opinion on books that take place in the wild west which is never a bad thing. I will recommend this to any one looking for a good summer read. If you liked this post and want to see more than make sure to follow me to see more where this came from.

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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer Review SPOILERS

Scarlet_Cover     I gave this book a 3/5 star rating on Goodreads and I have to admit, this was a really good sequel. Now when I say something is a really good sequel, that means that it didn’t get stuck in the group labeled “another sequel that didn’t stand up to its first book”. And in my opinion that is a really good thing coming from a sci-fy/dystopian book which genre has a tendency to make many sequels under that label in my opinion.

This book is centered around a girl named scarlet who’s grandma has went missing. It did follow the basic premise of red riding hood which is what it was based on, but I did have some major issues with. First off, Scarlet became super annoying, everything was always about her grandma, there wasn’t one chapter when we weren’t reminded of it several times. Second, Scarlet forgave wolf a little too easily, one chapter she found out he was lying to her about many things, and two chapters later they were sitting on a spaceship with Wolf calling Scarlet his “Alpha Female”. It all happened way too soon even if they were in the middle of almost dying, so because of these too reasons I decided to take off a star. And I took off another star because even though it was a good read, it just wasn’t amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I like the story and it held up to the first book, but there weren’t any defining things that I obssessed over compared to Cinder.

I loved the premise behind the wolf pack and the army of Queen Levanas. Anytime there was a scene with the amy I instantly couldn’t stop reading. Thats why when at the end of the book it had a short story following wolf and him getting into the army and becoming an alpha I really enjoyed hearing from wolfs point of view and it really added to the book and wolfs character development. I wish that we were able to read from wolfs point of view for some of the book but I understand that authors can’t always do that because you do have to keep some parts of the story a secrect.

When Scarlets Grandma died it didn’t really make me sad. I don’t know if it was because thats all Scarlet would talk about or because I could totally see it coming a mile away, but I just didn’t have much of a connection with her. But I may also just have no feelings when it comes to character death.

I don’t have much more to say other than I will be continuing onto the rest of the books in the series and I recommend you do as well. If you liked this post and want to see more then don’t forget to follow me.

Have you read his book before?What were your thoughts on it? Did you have any major issues with this book? What should I read next?

The Darkest Minds By Alexandra Bracken Review SPOILERS

The Darkest Minds Cover     As of last night I have finished the first book in The Darkest Minds trilogy that I planned to finish by the end of summer. I gave this book a 3/5 star review on Goodreads. It was a good read and I got through it pretty quickly but I expected a little more from it.

In the first couple of chapters we are introduced into the main character Ruby, she has survived the IAAN disease and (as every other teenager) emerged with special powers. We are told that the government has put these kids with special abilities into camps and organized their abilities by color. Green = Really Smart (still don’t understand why these kids are seen as a threat), blue = Can move things, yellow = can create or effect electricity, orange = Minds (reading and manipulating), and red = fire. Ruby escaped the camp Thurmond and is now on the run from the government and the Children’s League when we meet Liam, Chubs, and Zu.

I loved the character dynamic between them all from the very beginning, as soon as Ruby got into Betty they were on a car chase, with them it was always filled with action. They are all on the run after Liam just staged the first successful camp breakout ever, so they are just as wanted as ruby. So they all are trying to find “slip kid”, through rumors they know that he has escaped the officials several times, has a camp for kids to live away from getting caught, and a way for the kids to get into contact with their parents.

The world so far has made all parents take two sides, either you hate the Psi(kids with abilities who are also your children), or, you try to protect them at all costs. which in my opinion is so sad, because either the children are faced with going to camp knowing their parents don’t want them and got rid of them, or they are now hiding for the rest of their lives so they don’t go to camp. The leader is barely in control and (I wasn’t so surprised by this) his son, who is an orange and has gone to camp and managed to leave, has manipulated him into doing whatever he wants. The camps have killed off almost all children and any who are red and orange if they refused to join their secret army.

I loved all the bonding scenes between Ruby and Liam slowly bonding, my favorite of them though was when they first found Slip Kid and were sitting by the fire together, it was so peaceful and just made my heart happy. But my favorite scene throughout the ENTIRE book must have been when Ruby took Zu “shopping” in the abandoned Wal-Mart, Just reading how happy those pink gloves made Zu made me take a step back from this whole situation and realize how hard life must be for these kids. They are literally on the run by themselves, escaping the camps, escaping the officials of the government trying to kill them, all while trying to just find sanctuary just to live. Near the end of the book we really got to see how far Ruby and Chub’s relationship has come, but I almost started crying when he got shot, I really hope hes okay.

There was so much character development with Ruby, at the beginning of the story she was cowering when a solider dumped over the bin of shoes she couldn’t lace fast enough. At the end she is standing up and using her powers against Clancy(aka “slip kid”, let me tell you, that was a surprise), the kid who secretly runs the world and is the most powerful person in the united states.

I hated Clancy, like with a capital ‘H’. Everyone acted like he was amazing, and I’ll give it to him, he was a pretty good leader, but he almost NEVER did something if he didn’t get something out of it. Like lets just think about this, if you were trying to keep a whole camp on your side WHY WOUDLN’T YOU LET CHUBS GET INTO CONTACT WITH HIS FAMILY. Everytime I read the sections where he is teaching Ruby how to use her abilities made me feel so gross, like he was always so close and touchy, and she clearly didn’t like him, but somehow he got into his maniac brain that it would be okay to force Ruby to fall in love with him. NEWSFLASH it didn’t work. I would go so far as to say that he is almost as crazy as Martin.

Can we just take a moment to think about the last chapter. Throughout this entire book Ruby has been afraid of touching people because she didn’t want to accidently mess with their head, this ENTIRE book she was training not to do that. But with her selfless act she decided to erase herself entirely from Liams mind, and what made it even worse is that she is now stuck with the Childrens League and Crazy Martin.

Overall I really enjoyed this book even if it was the second time reading it. I didn’t give it four or five stars though because I didn’t like how slow it was at times, Like eighty-five percent of the book was good, but the other fifteen percent was soooooooo slow. And I took another star off because it just wasn’t amazing, like it was a good book and I’m totally going to finish up the series, but it seemed just like any other dystopian book out there. Order Here




Cinder By Marissa Meyers Review SPOILERS

Cinder_Cover     Hello Lovelies! I just finished this book two days ago, so I’m doing pretty well on my monthly TBR goal. So without further ado, my thoughts on this book.

For a second time reading it, it was really enjoyable! I read it in three days and gave it a 3/5 stars on Goodreads. I did take off a star for it being slow at some parts and I took off another star for it being hard to get into. It took me a solid 100 pages to get into the book not counting the slow parts but after that I flew through it. Overall I thought it was a good read and I’m glad I re-read it before continuing on in the series.

It began from Cinders perspective, she’s a mechanic in New Beijing who is half cyborg. She doesn’t remember really anything from before her procedure and started living with her step-family. We are told that there is a virus going around that kills everyone and also that everyone hates cyborgs. It isn’t until later in the story that we learn that Lunars are not only immune to it, but also the reason it is all over earth.

Another character that we are introduced to is Prince Kai. So far his dad died, he has been thrust into a position of power that he doesn’t want, and is faced with a hard decision for his nation. This is text-book character rules for a main character running a country so it wasn’t that surprising when we were told that he had to marry the Lunar Queen. Honestly I was all for this marriage because it would save his country. All until she(Queen Levana) decided that even after she married him that she would be killing him and then taking over Earth. Like if all he had to do was marry someone he didn’t like to save his people I would have told him to take it, but since the Lunar Queen had other plans I guess I had to hate that marriage.

Learning about the Lunars was fun, but I felt the author didn’t do that great of a job describing what they looked like. We knew that the Lunars could alter the angles or something sciencey and change the way others perceive them, and that shells couldn’t do anything, but that’s about all I know about how they look. The entire time I was reading this story I was either imaging them as raging monsters or faceless sacks of flour with pants on.

I think my favorite character was Iko, she was an adorable side character who had a great sense of humor, even for a robot. But it did make me sad that even Cinder mentioned that whenever Iko got destroyed by the step mom that Iko was only Iko because of her being a glitch.

The step family was about as straight out of hell as you can get for a fairytale retelling, from moment one I hated their guts, just thinking about them, as my grandma would say, my blood boil. Other than Peony( she was so sweet. But if we all think about this logically, she was only sweet to make us like her so we would feel something when she died) I hated her step mom and stepsister.

I will mention that the scientist was getting on my nerves. Even if he was lying to help Cinder, it made things worse. It made it to where she didn’t care if the Queen saw her and in the end she did. It made Cinder a little reckless on many things in my opinion and there was no reason for the Doctor to lie.

Being as the story was based on of cinderella it was a really good interpretation. It had all the elements of a Cinderella story and the sci-fi twist was a really great addition and made the story even more enjoyable.

The world building was really good though. She managed to put us into a dystopian world and didn’t make it seem as if the first few chapters of the story were a data dump for the rest of the story. It was also interesting how the author was able to weave in so many different cultures and rituals within this book though.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone and am excited to continue on with the story. Order Here


More Than This By Patrick Ness SPOILERS


As my first read of the month (yes I know it almost halfway through the month, and, yes I’m hoping that my reading picks up and I finish at least 5 books by the end of this month.) I finished More Than This By Patrick Ness Order Here and here are my thoughts on it, also there ARE SPOILERS so if you HAVEN’T read it and plan on reading it DON’T CONTINUE.






Throughout the entire book I was getting major alien vibes from chapter one and was expecting the end of it to have a plot twist, but what I didn’t expect was the what actually happened with Seth’s brother Owen. The whole online thing really made that twist unexpected, up until Seth started running and describing a cemetery I expected to be finding his brother in a coffin.  And yeah, you can say that it wasn’t really aliens because the people were only in the coffins because we destroyed the world and that “the driver” was just a robot, but I still stand by the fact that even till the last page I was expecting a mothership coming down from earth and abducting all three of them. I’m sure that walking into this book expecting it to be a contemporary and not knowing much else of it didn’t help, but don’t sit there and tell me with all of Seth’s thoughts about everyone not being real and expecting this to be a dream or something really pushed me to believe.

Reading this book was like a rollercoaster, first you think that he is in hell, then you think that he was abducted by aliens, then you think that none of this is real, and then at some point after listening to Seth’s thoughts you start to question everything. I love this type of Sci fy type story but It took me so long to get through because I was in the mood for a contemporary, and picked up this book instead thinking that’s exactly what it was.

I loved the friend dynamic between Seth, Tomasz, and Regine. Learning about each of their back story and how they all “died” in the coffin world(or online, however you want to call it) was really heartbreaking knowing how sweet all these kids were and that none of them were to blame. And just knowing that they went online to get away from how horrible the earth was and being put through all of the pain and terror again just made me love them all the more.

Now comes where I talk about why I only Gave this book a 3/5 star rating. Even though I didn’t mind all the last-minute saving at first, by the end it was a little convenient that every time there was an issue we all knew we could count on Tomasz to save the day. THE BOOK LITERALLY HAD A RUNNING JOKE ABOUT IT IN IT! And I did get annoyed with the whole driver issue. I understood that they didn’t want to go back under and that they thought it was trying to kill them and that it wouldn’t stop following them. But they had such a big vendetta against him, and now that they killed him, whose gonna look after all the people in the coffins? Because I know for a fact that none of them three even are close to knowing what all to do. I think maybe if the book addressed the question I would’ve been okay with it, but it just seemed that the kids didn’t care that everyone decided to go to the coffins for a reason. Like I understand you guys are awake now, but not everyone does while they are waiting for the earth to heal, some people might have wanted to just die online(which is fine) but they ruined that chance by killing the driver.

Also the ending was a huge drawback to this book, it was like the book had an ending, then kept going as if it had a second book coming out after this. From my understanding this book was supposed to be a stand alone. I didn’t sign up for this half-developed story about hoe Seth wanted to go back online to see his ex boyfriend. Which I don’t see as a valid reason considering he was cheating on him with Monica the entire time anyway, why would you want to go back to that?

Overall this book was a good read, but specific aspects of this book just couldn’t let me give it a 4/5 star rating. Some things were just too convenient and not a lot of the ending was explained. If you have different views on this book or want to share your opinion leave a comment and I’ll reply back to you, I would love to discuss this book further.

Lord of Shadows Book Review SPOILERS

IMG_0025There will be spoilers in case you couldn’t already tell by the title, so if you haven’t read all the previous shadowhunter books then don’t continue!!!


OMG OMG OMG I finished the book less than 24 hours ago and I’m still having trouble putting all my thoughts into concise sentences, so if this review is a mess, then oh well. I went into this book knowing that there was going to be a big death, one that even Cassandra Clare said was hard writing herself. So I knew it had to be on the caliber of a main character or someone that she focused on a lot in this series other than Julian and Emma, but besides that I had no idea about the ending. I knew when Arthur died that it couldn’t be him because it seemed as if there was no real emphasis on his death besides a few small comments. And though it was really sad when Annabel killed Robert Lightwood (especially after the scene where Emma and Julian confess to him), but I also knew that wasn’t cry worthy enough for Cassandra Clare. But when Livvy died, I about lost my shiz, it was so obvious that it was either going to be Ty or Livvy that I couldn’t even see it. I was so consumed with Ty supposed to be parabati with Livvy, but there were also subtle hints about Kit and Ty being parabati too, that I was totally blindsided. After her death I was a wreck on my couch for a good bit.

The interactions between the trio were so adorable and funny. Like the one scene where they were going to get the ingredients to break the binding spell and when Ty made Kit and Livvy leave so he could ask questions and Livvy got onto Kit and told him to treat Ty right was so amazing. And the scene on the rooftop with Kit and Ty when he had to hug tightly was just AHHHHHHHHH I lived for the sections from their POV.

About 200 pages in I started asking where Dru was though, I mean I can guess you can count the parts with creepy Jamie(still don’t trust him) but we didn’t get to see her much. That moment when she went through that heirloom portal thingy that was in creepy Jamie’s bag I about dropped the book! It talked about her seeing a little boy with blonde hair and green eyes and I just stop thinking about Sebastian and The Seelie Queens supposed love child(I’m totally on board with this theory btw if you can’t already tell) and I kept thinking about how Clary mentioned Jace and her going on a mission to find out what the faeries secret weapon was.

I really liked that whenever all the kids were in the London institute that we got A LOT of the infernal devices cameos and small things that related back to the series. All the books with wills name in them, and being able to talk to Jessamine through Kit, and even the scones and Bridget made this book so much more enjoyable.

Emma and Julian. Reading the scenes from them being stuck in Malcolm’s house were so cute and funny, but also it seemed like the bond was causing them to be a little more aggressive towards each other. Like the one part after burning down the church and they got into a fight, they were throwing mugs and punching holes in the wall and I actually got a little scared for them because we were told that they wouldn’t know that the curse would drive them insane because it would happen so slowly. I had such high hopes for Emma being exiled but not that Robert died I don’t know if they will ever get that and how things will play out for them now.

I hope that Helen and Aliene get to stay, but since the court hearing went so bad after Annabel, I know that is most likely not going to be the case. But if Helen and Aliene have to go, does that mean Mark as well? And what will happen to Kieran, because he swore himself to Christina but if he and mark are exhiled, how will their love triangle play out.

It made me so mad though because I kept reading how bad Magnus was looking or felt but NO ONE PICKED UP ON IT!!! It made me so stressed because I knew someone was supposed to die but I still had no clue, so when he collapsed I was so angry because it could have been prevented. And yeah, all the deaths could have been prevented but don’t even get me started on that, but everything could have been prevented with Magnus if Alec was there because he would see the warning signs.

I just hope in the next book that we find out what the warlock disease is, who the fae child is Dru saw, and if Mark, Helen, and Aliene are okay. Also I loved getting to see some political drama going on in the court room so I hope I get to see more later.